The Village in Dordogne

Dynamic proof by a village, that a model that is both economic, scientific, social, cultural and humanitarian can support the planet, its recovery, its regeneration and see people evolving and flourishing within it.

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Dans quoi vivent les habitants de cet écovillage ?

There is something for everyone. Some choose wooden chalets, others live in ecological houses. Tiny houses are quite popular and young people love kerterres or yurts. The common areas occupy a central place for all.

La nature à découvrir

Eating nutritionally in order to maintain energy and good health is the philosophy of ecovillages in general, and at La Bruyère in Champs Romain, in particular. From pitchfork to fork, the path is made by respecting the soil, land and nature. This is why the village market gardener has chosen organic market gardening and permacultural design. This is why animals in this village graze in the open, as well as happy chickens and goats, too, because respect for all living things is another important principle. The richness of a flourishing forest is also a significant asset and a huge benefit for the residents. Living off the land with respect for the overall, biological environment is key to living well in Dordogne.

Qui vit dans cet éco-village ?

Diversity is precious in community living. Each ecovillage has its lifestyle anchored on one common foundation: an ecological transition. This is the case at La Bruyère, in Champs Romain. There are families who simply want to change towards a healthier lifestyle, but there are also people who want to prioritize personal growth, and then others who want to reduce overall consumption and buy locally. Ultimately, they all really want to be happy while experiencing a new way of living conciously and simply.

Comment rejoindre notre éco-village ?

There are different ways to discover La Bruyère in Champs-Romain. You can try a weekend and then plan another, longer stay. To get to know the villagers, there's nothing like meeting them at the place where they live. This ecovillage is looking for interested new members. They will be happy to welcome you! To join this eco-village, just fill out this contact form. 👇👇👇👇👇

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